Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sweet Sunday

So cute!  My husband found a set of clip-art at Goodwill and we just had to get it for me, because I am a 'Clip-art artist'. lol  I loaded it on my computer for a look-see and OMG there are gobbs of open use images from old children's stories, kitchen scenes, like 50+ silhouettes of just about everything, and most of them cutable.  The portfolio says that it has 250,000 images,  lol  Im not sure if it really does but its pretty intense.  There are 19 cds of clip-art. lol  It's been fun looking through some of them. 

Well, here is the skinny on a great tutorial that I wanted to put up here.  Marisa Lerin did a great tut on how to make cardstock.  I asked her if I could use it and show it to you all and she declined my request.  I guess I understand.  She owns the images that she used in the tut, but, she does not own the imformation. lol 

So.... I will share with you how to do that lil' thing. 
First open you designing program.  It will work for all of them that I have used so far, PSE, CS, PSP, and GIMP. 

File  - New - 12X12" page 300 dpi
Fill it with whatever color you want.
Filter -  Noise -  Add Noise 20-30%
Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur 3.0 px
Ta Dah!  Your done.

Here are a few sample pages. 

The images on the top are textured cardstock and the images on the bottom is the cardstock I made with this technique.  So very easy!  You can make cardstock all day long now. lol

Have Fun Now!    xoxox Beth


  1. Super simple - thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Your welcome! Stay tuned for more fun & easy tuts! Glad you liked it. xoxox B



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