Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ok...Here it is...

Yes, it has been a while since I posted to my blog. I have been a bit overwhelmed and busy.  I posted that I thought that there was nothing serious found on my ultrasound because the tech was a cool cucumber.  She should be an actress. LOL

I do have gall stones, I do have liver problems, and I do have a mass in my right kidney.  They think that the mass is non cancerous though, Praise God!  So.... since then, I have had 2 dr appts, lab draw, new meds, med changes, nutritional counseling, and hundreds of grey hairs.

I have applied for state medical and was denied, I was approved for $16 a month in food stamps though. LOL   Just yesterday I filed about 10 pages of paperwork for disability insurance.  We will see.  Dr Z. said that it would probably be good to go on disability for at least a while until I am healthier and finish my RN program so I can get a consulting position.

On the positive side, I will live, nothing fatal if I act quick.  I can change my diet, I can change my stress level, and I can change my activity level. 

The way I see it, I can sit around and say poor me or I can thank God that I am alive, and will be alive and well. 

So.... lets get started...

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