Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pixelscrapper Blog-train The Nutcracker !


The Nutcracker is such a beautiful ballet.  I hope my hand-drawn characters display the mood that I was trying to create with each one.  The Ballerina with total grace, the Nutcracker as regal as always and the Mouse in his swashbuckling ways. I have joined dozens of designers for the Pixelscrapper Blog-train.  The main depot is HERE.
You will find this submission to the blog-train at the D2A STORE HERE, and as usual, there is a link beside the kit preview to copy and paste if you do not want to pick up any other freebies from the store.
Secondly, there is a new Quickpage over at the d2a facebook PAGE HERE under the fan freebie button.
Right here on the blog I have an Add-On gift that you can download right HERE.
Now for the previews:

WoW! That's a lot of Links. Have fun! xoxox Beth

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Special offer! Freebie Kitchyroo Kit on Facebook

Since we are painfully close to 500 "likes" on D2A's Facebook page, I decided to make a special kit just for you.  It is called Kitchyroo.  Its a whimsical kit full of kitchen goodies.  The ice cream and watermelon?  Really?  Now?  It's freezing outside.  YES!  NOW!  Goodies are goodies whatever time of the year.   Here is a preview:

Please come see us on Facebook to get it for free. HERE

Friday, November 7, 2014

I decided to feel good.

I don't know if you know that I suffer from Deep Clinical Depression.  Many of you that know me on a personal level, do.  Recently I went to my sister-in-laws for our regular Wednesday girl day and she had noticed that on Facebook, I have been posting and re posting alot about depression lately.  I have. The funny thing about it is that she asked me... are you under warrantee for this? lol  She since has SWORN that she meant medical coverage. Our Wednesdays are both fun and insane!  lol
Yes, I am under warrantee for this. lol  Depression runs deep in my family and even Bi-polar disease touches 3 generations in a row.  I sometimes wonder if it goes farther back than that too, but we were not aware of it then.  I think back then, it was just called melancholy.  Thank the Lord for medications these days that address these and other depressive disorders.  (Getting us to take them on a regular basis is another thing).
So, this brings me back to the reason why I decided to post this today.  Today, I decided to feel good.  I must admit it does help.  I have gotten more accomplished today than I usually do in regards to house and home work.  I think I am pretty much worn out right now though, but I will spruce up before John gets home.  I think I have earned a few minuets to sit and chat with you.  I made a little "card" the other day with my feelings at the moment and it seems to have touched quite a few of my friends and family.  I have decided to share it with you.  Do with it what you feel fit.  I hope it gives you some insight or validation to how depression feels. xoxox Beth   Right click & save. <3

Come over to Facebook and let me know what you think. xoxox  HERE
While you are there, look around, Like our page & get the freebie too.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our House Blog Train

Hasn't the blog train been fun?  I nearly forgot to post this.  I have put up D2As quick page Fan Freebie over on Facebook.  You can find it HERE.  I hope you all can find some fun pix to pop in there and call it your own.  xoxox Beth

Here is the one I did for John and I. 

xoxox Beth


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