Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter from Dezines2Amaze

This is what is called Good Friday.  It is the anniversary of the day that our Savior gave His life for the life of all.  John 3:17 is not the most quoted verse from the Bible, but it is the reason why He even came to live among men.
"For Christ came not into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."  I personally want to thank Him for that sacrifice He made for me.
On Sunday most will celebrate Easter with eggs, baskets of candy, and bunnies.  Let's also remember that it was on Easter morning that Mary Magdalene went into the garden to check on Christ's tomb and found that the stone that covered the opening had been rolled aside and that the tomb was EMPTY!  What she had feared to be a grave robbery was in fact the Resurrection of our Christ from the grave, just as He had said that He would.  Through His resurrection, He conquered the grave, and bought for us.... Eternal Life!
Thank you Father in Heaven for sending to us your only begotten Son, to die on Calvary and pay the debt that I owed to You for the price of my life of sin.  I love you Lord.  xoxox Beth
My friend Christine Smith made a beautiful Easter Art Page that I would love for you to see. Please click this link and enjoy.

I have made a sweet freebie collection of Easter Papers for you that remind me of the soft feelings of Spring. 

Remember we love you and have a Beautiful Easter! 


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