Saturday, March 30, 2013

Senior Designer Spotlight

Before we get to business, I wanted to share a freebie or two with you, from:
Lori Cobb  Kreations by Sparky

Now on to business!   xoxox Beth

Q: What tools do you use to design?
99% of the time I use PaintShop Pro.  I'm currently using version X5.

Q: How did you start digital scrapbooking? When did you start designing?
7 years ago my Mother, Sister and I decided to do a scrapbook for my Father's 70th  birthday.  I discovered digital scrapbooking while I, and I emphasis I,(because my Mother and Sister only knew how to supervisor this little project of OURS) created my Father's book.  I immediately became hooked.  The Christmas before my Father's 70th  birthday, my Mother was so impressed with the beginning of the scrapbook that she had a shirt made for me that said “Captain Creative”.  That was the last I got to spend with my Mother because she passed away July 2006.  I decided to dedicate my blog to my Mother and I continue to create in her memory.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live? Who's in your family? What do you do in the average day? I am a daughter, sister, aunt, great aunt, wife, mother, and grandmother.  I reside in Dallas, Texas and wouldn't move for anything in the world.  I am married and I have two grown sons.  This year they will be 30 and 20.  I have 3 amazing grandchildren, one boy, two girls, and a new grandbaby on the way.  Don't know what it will be but as long as it's healthy you can't ask for anything more!  My new grandbaby is due in August.  I can't wait!  My average day consists of being on the computer 18 hours a day in between cooking, cleaning, and entertaining my 2.5 year old grand daughter.
Q: What are a couple of your favorite designs you've created?
Two of my favorite kits that I've designed are called Southwestern and Boys to Men 

Q: Do you have any advice for designers? Have confidence in yourself first and foremost.  I still have a little problem with that when it comes to designing and always double check your work before offering it for sale.  For me, if I don't like the finished image I created, I won't put it in my kit for sale, even if the particular image is flawless.  That's just a personal thing for me.

Any personal links ?, ie. facebook, blog, website

Ok... One more.  Thank You to Lori Cobb for her wonderful freebies and inspiration. 
xoxox Beth


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