Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Blues

Ever wake up and the whole world has changed over night?  It's dark, you can't hear the birds, you can't even breathe and you feel like your head is under water?  That was ME this morning, only the reality of it all is that I have a rip-roaring cold. lol

I know that I can be a bit of a DRAMA QUEEN.  But.... I felt so bad that I canceled on my best friend and partner in crime, Cami.  We had scheduled girl time with coffee this morning.  Now, you must get the impression of how I felt/feel.  It takes Hell or High Water to keep me from Cami! So, take your pick.  Either one of them will work. lol

Now---  We, the creative team at Dezines2Amaze have taken a short break from the store launch to explore other Mainframe options.  This does NOT mean that we QUIT.  It means that it will be just a little longer until our store 'lights' get turned on forever. 

So..... Hang in there.  Know that you are loved, and pull up your big girl PANTIES, and Deal with it, for a few more days.  lol   ( I will try to find my big girl panties, and do the same,)

xoxox Beth 

Oh! and another thing... if you can find use for this pu big_girl_panites png, right click and save it. <3


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