Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pixelscrapper Blog-train Winter Arabesque

Hello there and Happy New Year!  To celebrate the new year I joined, once again, the Pixelscrapper blog-train with a beautiful collection of kits called Winter Arabesque.  I have been having a problem with the Admin end of the Dezines2amaze website so I had to post it as a designer in the website.  Just a little different.  The direct download address was not added initially and since I can not get in to add it, I am asking that you download the kit from the store this time.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Here is the preview for my submission:

You can get it HERE at D2A.  Enjoy!
Join us all at Pixelscrapper for the blog-train HERE

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! A freebie gift 4 You.

Good morning and Merry Christmas.  I have made a little kit for you all to enjoy. You will need to log in at Dezines2Amaze to swoop it up. xoxox

You can get it Here at D2A.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

National Christmas Card Day 12/9


December 9th is "Christmas Card Day."  Henry Cole created the first Christmas Cards in 1843.  Why not let your children make the Christmas Cards this year? If you have an easy design studio, set a teenager loose with your Digi-program.  For younger children, go through your stash and find stickers, elements, and glitters to decorate blank cards that you may already have, if not, visit your local craft store.  Don't count on getting out of there with only the blank cards if you take your children, or even your husband and/or significant other.  I can go alone and drop $10+ by just breathing.

For just about the same cost as store-bought cards, you can put together a card center that will keep children busy for hours.

Over at Dezines2Amaze  We have quite a few Christmas kits with all sorts of color pallets and themes. At this point, I believe, they are all free too.  Elements can be printed out and used on hard copy cards too.  If you cut 2 or more of them you can layer them and create dimension.  Dimension creates shadows and we all love shadows.

Make sure you take the time to look at the paper packs for other kits.  Coraline by Ann Onimous has some beautiful elements and papers!

I noticed that Kreations by Sparky has some 4th of July kits with great papers too!

The bows and the papers in the Wild Blues kit by Ann Ominous are great!

I found one more Christmas kit that I made last year that I haven't put in the store yet too!  What? lol

I have a few ideas for cards that I have Pinned in my Pinterest board called Merry & Bright.  My BFF and SIL turned me on to Pinterest a few months ago.  Love it!  She has like a zillion boards to look through too.  Fun!

Every week Cami and I get together to have coffee, check our e-mails, browse the internet and get our creative juices going.  She is my biggest cheerleader, and I her's.  I love her.  Although Christmas card day is on the 9th, Cami and I can't hook up until the 10th, bummer!  But, when it comes to Christmas cards, this is definitely one that is "better late, than never".

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pixelscrapper Blog-train The Nutcracker !


The Nutcracker is such a beautiful ballet.  I hope my hand-drawn characters display the mood that I was trying to create with each one.  The Ballerina with total grace, the Nutcracker as regal as always and the Mouse in his swashbuckling ways. I have joined dozens of designers for the Pixelscrapper Blog-train.  The main depot is HERE.
You will find this submission to the blog-train at the D2A STORE HERE, and as usual, there is a link beside the kit preview to copy and paste if you do not want to pick up any other freebies from the store.
Secondly, there is a new Quickpage over at the d2a facebook PAGE HERE under the fan freebie button.
Right here on the blog I have an Add-On gift that you can download right HERE.
Now for the previews:

WoW! That's a lot of Links. Have fun! xoxox Beth

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Special offer! Freebie Kitchyroo Kit on Facebook

Since we are painfully close to 500 "likes" on D2A's Facebook page, I decided to make a special kit just for you.  It is called Kitchyroo.  Its a whimsical kit full of kitchen goodies.  The ice cream and watermelon?  Really?  Now?  It's freezing outside.  YES!  NOW!  Goodies are goodies whatever time of the year.   Here is a preview:

Please come see us on Facebook to get it for free. HERE

Friday, November 7, 2014

I decided to feel good.

I don't know if you know that I suffer from Deep Clinical Depression.  Many of you that know me on a personal level, do.  Recently I went to my sister-in-laws for our regular Wednesday girl day and she had noticed that on Facebook, I have been posting and re posting alot about depression lately.  I have. The funny thing about it is that she asked me... are you under warrantee for this? lol  She since has SWORN that she meant medical coverage. Our Wednesdays are both fun and insane!  lol
Yes, I am under warrantee for this. lol  Depression runs deep in my family and even Bi-polar disease touches 3 generations in a row.  I sometimes wonder if it goes farther back than that too, but we were not aware of it then.  I think back then, it was just called melancholy.  Thank the Lord for medications these days that address these and other depressive disorders.  (Getting us to take them on a regular basis is another thing).
So, this brings me back to the reason why I decided to post this today.  Today, I decided to feel good.  I must admit it does help.  I have gotten more accomplished today than I usually do in regards to house and home work.  I think I am pretty much worn out right now though, but I will spruce up before John gets home.  I think I have earned a few minuets to sit and chat with you.  I made a little "card" the other day with my feelings at the moment and it seems to have touched quite a few of my friends and family.  I have decided to share it with you.  Do with it what you feel fit.  I hope it gives you some insight or validation to how depression feels. xoxox Beth   Right click & save. <3

Come over to Facebook and let me know what you think. xoxox  HERE
While you are there, look around, Like our page & get the freebie too.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our House Blog Train

Hasn't the blog train been fun?  I nearly forgot to post this.  I have put up D2As quick page Fan Freebie over on Facebook.  You can find it HERE.  I hope you all can find some fun pix to pop in there and call it your own.  xoxox Beth

Here is the one I did for John and I. 

xoxox Beth

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train - Our House

It's been a whole month since my last post I think.  I do so love the Pixel Scrapper blog trains and try every month to participate.  This month has been especially busy for Hubby and I as we are in the search for our second "Our Home". (If you know what I mean) lol  This makes this month's blog train very special and goes along with our journey.  Here is a preview of the kit I made to celebrate this train.

Just a closer peek at the papers.
As usual you can find this kit HERE. If you choose to decline to make an account at D2A there is a link next to the kit preview for a direct download.  Make sure you go to PixelScrapper ---> Here to grab all of the fun kits that coordinate with this one. xoxox Beth 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PixelScrapper Blog Train "Fall Art"

Wow! It seems that time has flown by and its almost the end of the year already. We the people of PixelScrapper have a treasure hunt for you.  It is a most beautiful collection of Fall Art. Here is my little addition, Enjoy. xoxox Beth  If you would like to download without an account, follow the prompt in the description. xoxox

Get it HERE

Here is a little page that I did with the Quick page that you can get on our Facebook page.

Please enjoy this limited timed freebie HERE You will find it under Fan Freebies. xoxox

Let's see yours... xoxox

Thursday, September 25, 2014

National Card Making Week Freebie

It was brought to my attention that I had not made a post in a couple weeks.  Sorry, so sorry.  I also have almost ignored (not  really) NCMW.  So in the spirit of it all, I have a card making kit to give to you for free.  Yea!!!!!!!!!

Get it free, right: Here
xoxox Beth

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

At the Fair Fix

It seems that the papers were missing from the zip-file for the At the Fair Blog-train kit.  I am so sorry for the inconvenience.  I have fixed the zip-file in the store and the link to the file from Drop Box. Thank you for your continued support. xoxox Beth
Hop on over to the Store to grab the Fix Here.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Too Cool and Ready for School

I know that most of our kids/gkids have already started school, but I wanted to make a little kit to celebrate with them.  I heard that the one favorite thing new kindergarten and first graders were excited about to start the new year was their backpack.  Cute huh?  So I made a super fun and flashy backpack to add to this mini-kit.  Here is a peek.
I hope the pink straps won't deter any of you from using it with our little boy's pages too.  Feel free to add a touch of orange to the straps and there you go.  To do this, take the eye dropper tool and select the zipper-pull color.  Then use the paint bucket to fill in the straps.  Zoom WAAAAY in and make sure that you get all of the striped doodles filled in too.  Save the new backpack to your kit and there you go!  You have made your first element yourself.  Easy Peasy, Right?  YES!  Here is a peek at the whole kit:

You may recognize the colors from our most recent PixelScrapper Blog-Train, At the Fair.  This means that you should have a zillion papers and elements that match! (I did this on purpose lol).  There is nothing like having a new kit and gobbs of options to choose from.  So are you too cool and ready for school?  Do you know someone who is?  I hope you enjoy this kit then.  I have priced it at just 99c which should be affordable for the most of us. You can find this kit and lots of others, right HERE at Dezines2Amaze.  Browse around a bit and put a kit or two in your basket.  Most of them are free and the rest are well worth the money.  If you use it to make a cute layout, I would love to see it.  xoxox Thank you. Beth (Digital Cache')

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fun new kits in the store!

Yesterday I finally had time to post the 2 newest kits to the store.  Kreations by Sparky has a new kit in the store called  SUMMERTIME  <--- click here. It is super cute. <3
Not a huge kit but super fun.  Everything that Lori Cobb (KBS) creates is also CU friendly. Nice!

I also put a new kit into the store called POTTY PARTY. <--- click here. LOL.  As you can guess, this is a kit designed to scrap those cute potty training pix that I have of my grandchildren.  I hope you can use it too. It was definitely fun to make.
I'm not sure why I decided to make it PU as I created everything in the kit. Humm... Well if you like it and would like to use it for CU, zap me a message and I will send you the TOU and written permission to do so.

Lastly, if you missed the add on papers for the Garden Party blog train that I gave as a freebie on Facebook, I did put them in the store for just 99c.  If you like them, go get them   Enjoy and xoxox Beth
Get them HERE

Wow! 20,000+ page views. Thank you!

You guys are great!  Thank you for your support. xoxox Beth

Saturday, August 30, 2014

At the Fair QP Freebie on D2A Facebook

Zip on over to the D2A facebook page and swoop up the 2 Quick-pages that go right along with this month's PixelScrapper Blog Train "At The Fair"
Grab it Here.

PixelScrapper At the Fair Blog-Train

PixelScrapper web site has another Blog-Train this month. For the complete list of participants follow this link. HERE. You will have to create an account to play but it will be worth it, as usual.
This has been one of my favorite Blog-trains.  The Washington State fair is only about 5 miles from where I live and it starts next Friday.  You can imagine the buzz in and around our community.  It is perfect timing for the At the Fair kits.  Once again, my submission to the blog-train is in the Dezines2Amaze store.  There is a link to copy and paste to your browser if you choose to decline to making an account at the store.  If you find something that you just have to have while you are there, you will need an account.  The information that is provided while making the account will NEVER be used for anything at all unless you choose to make a purchase, (which I hope you do), or if you sign up for the newsletter.  Here is a preview for my kit:
You can find it Here under the blog-train tab.  Enjoy!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Southern Grace Quick Page Freebie

This one is made using my Southern Grace kit.  Enjoy.

You can find the whole kit Here 
Click on the QP.  Right click and open in a new tab.  Save the QP as dc_southern_grace_qp.  I used it in a layout here:
xoxox Beth

Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick page freebie... enjoy!

I have saved this as a PNG so we should be able to click, right-click, open in a new tab and save as
dc_ps_uia_kit_challenge.png   It is a pu/s4h/s4o page. enjoy.

Here is this qp with my daughter and son-in-law in it. Here . 
 While you are there swoop up the free garden papers under the fan freebie. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Kits in the Store

Hello there! I have a few things to be excited about. First and foremost, Thank you to Lori Cobb for helping me out with the Facebook account which I deleted myself from. lol  Now on to the fun stuff... The Pixel Scrapper blog train has been fun and I hope you were able to get alot of fun new kits there.  I believe that there were around 40 designers involved there. What a turnout!  We at D2A still have those pretty papers for a Facebook freebie through this month so make sure you go over there to get them.  Click Here to hop over there, but come back for the rest.  I know some of you know that I have Southern Roots but was transplanted to Washington State when I was in elementary school.  What you may not know is that I have family dotted all over down there still.  Here is a little map of my Southern Roots.
My son James and his family are living in San Antonio, TX and my dear friend and partner in crime Lori Cobb lives in Dallas.  My mother and father were raised in Little Rock AR and I have an aunt and cousins still there.  My father is buried in Clarksville, AR with a good number of my ancestors.  My childhood home is in Picayune, Mississippi and my daughter and her family live in Grand Ridge, Florida.  I would say that even though I'm not there myself I would still say that I am Southern.  This brings me to one of the new kits in the store.  This map of the Confederate states is an element in the new kit called  "Southern Grace". Take a  look.
I love the colors and the elements are so feminine.  The few pictures that I took from the public stock were hand picked to honor the South.  I feel good about the feel of the kit.  
The next kit is just for fun.  I am guilty of having a couple of pair of  Mom Jeans in my closet along with my skinny jeans.  We are bound to want to scrap those funny pictures. Here's a look:
Patches, iron-ons, labels, jeans, zippers and pockets, what more could you want?  If you would like to use part or the whole of either of these kits for CU, just contact me and I will give you the terms.  I hope you love the new kits and you can find them Here for the Jeans and Here for Southern Grace.  xoxox Beth

Thursday, July 31, 2014

All aboard for Pixel Scrappers Blog-train Garden Party

Please enjoy this month's Blog-train called GARDEN PARTY. There is an address posted at the store for a direct download without an account.  Please take the time to browse around and collect prior blog train kits and other free or affordable kits.  Thank you.  You can find the full list of participants HERE
You can find the kit Here

I have a few extra pretty papers that I have decided to add as a Facebook free gift. 
The link is Here
click the tab called MyTab for the freebie.  xoxox Beth

Friday, July 18, 2014

Garden Party Blog-Train Coming Aug 1st

I love the colors of the Pixelscrapper Blog-train coming up!  So bright and cheery! I have a Facebook freebie for you all at the D2A Facebook Page.  Please "like my page" while you are there and the link is in the post. I will figure that darn thing out sooner or later. lol

You can get the link Here at Facebook . xoxox Beth

Friday, July 4, 2014


Have a safe and sane Fourth of July! xoxox Beth

Monday, June 30, 2014

Crazy Day! Lots of new kits in the store!

WoW!  I have a bundle of new kits to share with you and of course with those, comes more free gifts. Yea!
The colors may look familiar, it matches this month's Pixelscrapper Blog-train. Available HERE

I just want to go OUTDOORS! John and I are going camping at our favorite fishin' hole next week and I guess I was inspired.  Stay tuned for a freebie gift that goes right along with this kit.  Grab this kit HERE

It's Free! This is this month's Pixelscrapper blog-train kit with special download instructions in the post prior to this one.

These three exciting kits are the newest KBS kits in the store with the cute little drum as a free gift. Thank you Sparky!  Nab it HERE

Find these two super cute outdoors kits HERE

Get this one HERE

This beautiful piece of Patriotism is a free gift from LBD. Thank you Ladybug! Get it HERE
Whew! Fun ride today! Enjoy these lovely kits from Dezines2Amaze, and make sure you go to Pixelscrapper to follow along with the amazing blog-train with 30+ designers participating.  Click on the button for older posts as I set up my submission earlier today. XOXOX Beth

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