Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inked Edges in Photoshop

I love inked edges!  They give you an instant grungy look or a simply elegant border.  Tim Holtz fans would know how popular this style is.  Speaking of styles, you can purchase this affect in a 'Style' that will apply the look to your elements at the push of a button, but... Styles are usually restrictive to certain colors or prints.  Styles frequently are copy written  also.... so this brings us full circle to creating this affect yourself. 
Let's get started.... 

Start with making a shape with the shape tool that is filled with the desired color. 
Alone this looks rather dull. lol  It has no flair.  It could be a journal card left alone but fix it up with inked edges and it really gains personality.  So while it is an active screen in your desired Photoshop, double click on the layer.  This will bring up layer styles. 

     Select the Inner Glow box and click on the name to open the Inner Glow structure screen.  Here is where you are going to get your 'Ink' for your edges.   From the top lets look at the menu.  Blend mode needs to be multiply, you can leave the Opacity alone, but do add a bit of Noise, but first change the color in the small box to a darker shade of the color you picked for your square.
The Technique is Softer, Source,  pick edge of course, Choke good at about 15 and size can be your choice.  Mine is 40%.  Now the Quality.  Contour is already picked for you but you can play around to see what each one does.  Its kind of fun.  Range and Jitter can be left alone too.  Poke around though to see what 'stuff' does.  This is actually how I learned what I know about this.  You might learn best this way too.  
Look at mine now...
You can leave it alone or go crazy on it with embellishments, brushes, glitter, etc.  The most important part of designing is HAVE FUN!  
And now you know.... How to ink edges in Photoshop.  

If there is a tutorial you would like to see, let me know and I will see what I can do to make it happen.  

xoxox Beth 


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