Saturday, August 30, 2014

At the Fair QP Freebie on D2A Facebook

Zip on over to the D2A facebook page and swoop up the 2 Quick-pages that go right along with this month's PixelScrapper Blog Train "At The Fair"
Grab it Here.

PixelScrapper At the Fair Blog-Train

PixelScrapper web site has another Blog-Train this month. For the complete list of participants follow this link. HERE. You will have to create an account to play but it will be worth it, as usual.
This has been one of my favorite Blog-trains.  The Washington State fair is only about 5 miles from where I live and it starts next Friday.  You can imagine the buzz in and around our community.  It is perfect timing for the At the Fair kits.  Once again, my submission to the blog-train is in the Dezines2Amaze store.  There is a link to copy and paste to your browser if you choose to decline to making an account at the store.  If you find something that you just have to have while you are there, you will need an account.  The information that is provided while making the account will NEVER be used for anything at all unless you choose to make a purchase, (which I hope you do), or if you sign up for the newsletter.  Here is a preview for my kit:
You can find it Here under the blog-train tab.  Enjoy!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Southern Grace Quick Page Freebie

This one is made using my Southern Grace kit.  Enjoy.

You can find the whole kit Here 
Click on the QP.  Right click and open in a new tab.  Save the QP as dc_southern_grace_qp.  I used it in a layout here:
xoxox Beth

Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick page freebie... enjoy!

I have saved this as a PNG so we should be able to click, right-click, open in a new tab and save as
dc_ps_uia_kit_challenge.png   It is a pu/s4h/s4o page. enjoy.

Here is this qp with my daughter and son-in-law in it. Here . 
 While you are there swoop up the free garden papers under the fan freebie. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Kits in the Store

Hello there! I have a few things to be excited about. First and foremost, Thank you to Lori Cobb for helping me out with the Facebook account which I deleted myself from. lol  Now on to the fun stuff... The Pixel Scrapper blog train has been fun and I hope you were able to get alot of fun new kits there.  I believe that there were around 40 designers involved there. What a turnout!  We at D2A still have those pretty papers for a Facebook freebie through this month so make sure you go over there to get them.  Click Here to hop over there, but come back for the rest.  I know some of you know that I have Southern Roots but was transplanted to Washington State when I was in elementary school.  What you may not know is that I have family dotted all over down there still.  Here is a little map of my Southern Roots.
My son James and his family are living in San Antonio, TX and my dear friend and partner in crime Lori Cobb lives in Dallas.  My mother and father were raised in Little Rock AR and I have an aunt and cousins still there.  My father is buried in Clarksville, AR with a good number of my ancestors.  My childhood home is in Picayune, Mississippi and my daughter and her family live in Grand Ridge, Florida.  I would say that even though I'm not there myself I would still say that I am Southern.  This brings me to one of the new kits in the store.  This map of the Confederate states is an element in the new kit called  "Southern Grace". Take a  look.
I love the colors and the elements are so feminine.  The few pictures that I took from the public stock were hand picked to honor the South.  I feel good about the feel of the kit.  
The next kit is just for fun.  I am guilty of having a couple of pair of  Mom Jeans in my closet along with my skinny jeans.  We are bound to want to scrap those funny pictures. Here's a look:
Patches, iron-ons, labels, jeans, zippers and pockets, what more could you want?  If you would like to use part or the whole of either of these kits for CU, just contact me and I will give you the terms.  I hope you love the new kits and you can find them Here for the Jeans and Here for Southern Grace.  xoxox Beth


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