Monday, March 25, 2013

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I had a special request to re-post this cost comparison. Enjoy! xoxox

Have you ever gone to the craft store and seen books and books of beautiful paper, stickers galore, brads, paper frames, and lots of whatnot?  I used to go at least once a week.  I would be looking for one piece of paper, sometimes for hours.  I never got out of there with just that one (if I found it) piece; I always had a little basket of goodies or even a big basket of goodies. lol  Does this sound familiar?

This is where you will find the value in Digital Scrap booking.  The average kit cost around $4.50 and usually includes what would be:

A whole pad of paper that is coordinating, and usually has solids to match,
A package of brads or buttons, sometimes both,
A package of ribbons, or paper edges,
A selection of word art, and sometimes a whole alphabet, which is comparable to an alpha stamp set,
A selection of floral pieces, or feathers,
A package of charms, or keys, or even a beautiful locket.

Have I painted the picture yet?  How much would you pay at a craft store for all of that?  Let's think about it.  Paper - $ 9.99 easy, Brads and buttons - $ 2.00 on a good day, Ribbon usually comes on a spool and is about $3.00 right?  Paper borders- maybe $1.00 or you could make them yourself with the paper.  Now, Word art - do we go with rubber stamps or stickers or rub-ons? These can be upwards to $6.00, but lets go with stickers, $3.00.  An Alpha set of Stamps is close to $10.00 right?
Floral pieces - usually found in a pick, $1.99. I'm trying to be conservative here. Feathers - $2.00
Charms, or Keys- can be $5.00 easy, and never mind the locket this time.

What do we have?  Calculator please.....  That's $ 37.98 !  And trust me I have paid that much at a certain craft store before (and more).  So, lets look at the immediate value.  Digital kit = $4.50, Craft supplies = $37.00.  You save $32.00 right off the top!  Zowwie!

Now you take the items home, get your skizzards out, tape runner, glue dots, pictures, paper cutter, ink pads, album, glitter, heat gun. . . GET THE PICTURE  lol?  No dinner at the table for a few days huh?  Been there, done that... lol   Oh, and now you have to be extra careful with the pictures, that one of Aunt Betty, remember that's the only one of her we have.  Cut the paper carefully and save the scraps because you might be able to use a Punch and make a tag or label out of the trimmings.

And the story goes on...  Now, if you haven't seen the value yet, think of one more thing.  When you use your paper supplies up, even if you are careful and use every last scrap, When they are gone, they are gone.  Digital Scrapbook Kits  are reusable Over and Over and Over.  Zillions of combinations are still waiting to be done.

Stick with us, and we will even show you how to use that perfect Digital Chocolate Kit that you bought as a Powder Pink one with a few tweaks.  lol    Enough for today!  xoxox Beth


  1. I hear you! Actually one reason why I never got into physical scrapbooking is for that reason. Another reason is that we currently don't have a lot of space where we live.



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