Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Opps... I missed a post...

Good news and more to come ( I hope). My labs came back nearly perfect and my chest x-ray was negative for any suspicious spots!  I did get a new diagnosis of cardio-megaly but everyone who knows me already knows that I have a big heart.  lol  Now I have it in writing.  Doctor didn't think it was too funny though and prescribed a blood pressure medicine that I now have to add to my bundle of pills.  A nice side effect of the med is supposed to be less facial hair, and thank God in Heaven for that!  Sweet!

Still have an abdominal ultrasound on Friday am and then after that, a follow up appt in 2 weeks. Cant wait until it is all over.  I can get on with living and get over dying. Yippee!  

We made a trip to Lacey to look at a muffler that John wants to put on his Cobra, and found that the seller had mistakenly listed it as such in such when actually it was a such in such.  Car talk. I don't speak that language.  He decided to order one online to make sure he got exactly what he wanted.  Good idea.  I know that I am that way about scrapbooking.  No... stickers wont do when I want 3-d embellishments, and no... they are not the same thing.

Caila is blowing up my cell phone already yakking about milk for her cereal.  Duty Calls...

The way I see it is being on staycation is exhausting, and  I'm going to need a vacation after this. lol


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