Sunday, July 15, 2012

Delisciously yucky weather

Last night was fun.  I enjoyed getting out and hanging out with friends/family at the Frito Lay BBQ. I love it when kids are just at that right age that they want to stick close but don't want micro-managed.  The kids had a good time goofing off and we had a good time socializing.  Good stuff.

Ahhhh... at about 4:15am I was awakened by my phone ringing and ringing.  I jumped out of bed, OK, I crawled out of bed and on the way to the phone, I stepped in a pile of kitty yack!  Ewww!!! Soaked through my pajama socks and everything.  I made it to the phone a bit late to answer it to see that it was my kiddo Caila that had called.  Humm... I called back right away and no answer.  Waited a min and heard that bling noise that most of the time indicated that a message was left. Checked it only to find out that it was a text message from my oldest daughter Stephanie.  Message read, Ive been trying to reach you for a couple of days, If you are still alive, call me.  lol  I text her right off to see if it was an emergency and she zapped me back lol that it wasn't and I could call when I properly woke up. lol  (She lives in Florida). I'm in the wonderful Pacific Northwest. 

Anyhow, I text Caila to check on her and no response. I peeked out the window and saw nothing suspicious across the way and headed back to bed.  Ahhhh... again, How could I forget the yack so quickly?  Didn't step in it this time but took about 10 mins to clean it up.   I can still feel the muck between my toes, and my socks are already in the wash by the way.  lol

Now the weather,  cool, overcast, breezy and downright yucky!  But I love it.  Hot weather makes me sticky and drippy. Enough said. lol  The drawback to this kind of weather is the joint pain, but I think I can handle it today.  John stoked up the fire under the hot tub (not really) but he did get it hot and it sounds Divine!  One more cup of coffee should wake me up better and then I hope to get going.

The way I see it is that God knows exactly what kind of weather to produce, and if we don't like it, tough tookies.  We might as well find the silver lining and make the most of it.  So

Just had to add... lol... John just said, "Stupid Axx Weather!"  Guess he needs to read my


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