Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are you kidding me?

So I'm looking at my clock and the thermometer on the garage and the two certainly do not match, at least here in the Pacific Northwest!  7pm and 88'.  It does feel very, very humid, but I'm not sure about the heat thing.  Direct sunlight probably plays into it, but may I repeat... I live in Washington State and  it's not supposed to be this warm/humid.  OK, I'll give to God what God is due and say, I'm a whiner  and He is entitled to do what He wants. But.... Are you kidding me?

Ever have on of those days when you are trying to make a CD of files to free up a bit of space on your hard drive and it gives you lip and says that it doesn't even have enough disk space to run the CD burner?  This puts me in a pickle because now I have to dump some files that I don't really want to loose. How do you choose which child you want to sacrifice to the computer God?  Will I be able to get it back? Etc... I can be logical about and delete files that I have backed up to CD already, or I can pick and choose which freebie I can live without.  Both don't even feel right. Ahhh....

Tomorrow morning is the deciding diagnostic to weather I get away with a warning to eat better, sleep better, bump up  my activity level, consider getting a job to exercise my brain cells...etc.  Or I might have to bite the bullet and let someone actually peek inside me to straighten things out.  Lets  hope that its just a warning.  lol  I already have a patch-work quilt on my tummy.  I'm no sexy young thing anymore, so Id rather stay in one piece. lol

The blood pressure medicine hasn't stopped the hair on my chin situation yet either.  Do you think I am rushing it?  lol   My blood pressure hasn't dropped yet, but I guess it makes since that it would take at least a couple of days.  I feel good, and that's what counts, so they say.

I ran to the corner grocery store and bought stuff to make ice cream sundaes with all the toppings, and I mean all the toppings... including bacon bits.  lol   Yummy!  Caila is finishing up her chores so she can help me with the creations.  This one is for Cami, my bff, and sil, I hope we don't paint the kitchen tonight. xoxox

The way I see it... you can just sit here and whine... ( and I have ) or you can find any excuse to
P-A-R-T-Y !  So party is here tonight, bring a spoon and bowl because ice cream sundaes don't work too well on paper plates. 

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