Saturday, July 14, 2012

The day after yesterday... July 14, 2012

Yesterday was certainly a different kind of day.  Ive got a lot to process in this mind of mine.  I have issues, I know that.  Lots of issues to be honest with you.  Yesterday just added to them.  My very first thought was to find a little church that was open and to pray with the pastor.... believe it or not... neither of the 2 churches that I stopped at were open.  lol  And it came to me, I don't need to be in a building or with another person to stop and pray.  All day long I talk to God.  We're tight like that.  So, I just said a quick prayer, threw it up to Him and went home. 

Then I did what any girl would do, I called my best friend Cami and left a message to call me when she could.  I got the call a little bit later and we discussed weather or not I would tell John about my appointment or be vague about it.  I decided to be vague, then he called through.  First thing he did was ask me about my appointment!  Damn!  I let him know that we could chat about it when he got home and he insisted that we TALK NOW.  So much for vague. He wouldn't go for it so he got the whole story. 

Today I've been in alot of physical pain and that leads to emotional pain.  I just figured that I would be there when we retired and were able to go gallivanting around together with our motor home.  I figured that I would live in that house in Montesano and go to Lake Sylvia whenever we got the urge.  Maybe I will, but its pretty unsure at this moment.  Pretty Sucky! The next week will paint a clearer picture, chest xray on Monday, follow up appt on Tuesday to go over that labs taken yesterday and the xray results.  Hurry up and wait I guess.

The way I see that whatever we had planned, dreamed of, whatever we are working toward is still there and to give up today would be a pity.  So... weather I want to or not, I have to get up out of this chair, get dressed for the day, make breakfast/lunch for John and clean our house.  Later tonight we will be going to the baseball game that Frito has every year and we will see friends and family, and have fun.

End of story. lol


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