Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey... yall...

I have been working on a new project called 'Through the Ages'.  It is coming together very nicely.  Can't wait to share it with you!  I made a quick page with it and I'm giving it to you for FREE today.  Enjoy.  The cute couple in the pix is Cami Bayer and her dear husband Glen.  Yours, of course will be blank, just waiting for your own picture.  xoxox Beth          
  ***     UNDER CONSTRUCTION     ***
feedback lovingly accepted.

You can go directly to Dezines2Amaze to download it.... HERE


  1. unable to download the following message:

    403: Forbidden

    This error message is generated when the web server is trying to access a file that does not exist or has been configured incorrectly

    Troubleshooting suggestions:

    Ensure that you have a valid home page defined in your website directory (example: /htdocs/index.html, /htdocs/index.php). On Unix, this is case sensitive and must be all lower case.

    In your Account Manager, under Hosting Tools, click to .Reset File Permissions..

    1. Hey Honey! I fixed the link. xoxox Beth



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