Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here ya go... another great, simple tutorial

How to turn elements, and shapes into fantastic Doodles....

Open your photoshop and select NEW layer.12x12 300dpi transparent background.

Under the layers panel is a button with   fx    on it.  Click this button and select the stroke option.  The stroke option screen will appear.  Select 15 pixels to start with, you can adjust this later if you wish.

Select the custom shape tool and browse the shapes for the shape you would like to doodle.

Set the color to whatever color you want your doodle shape to be 'drawn' in.  Draw away.

Change shapes, pick flowers etc and layer them.  If you want them colored, color them BEFORE you merge layers.  LOL  I tried it after I merged layers and it was awful!  It is fun though if you pick a simple shape to see the doodle by itself.  You can use these as brushes too. (Tutorial to come about that EASY little trick)

You can use this technique to create a second color halo effect on other shapes or elements too.

To add a stroke using Elements - choose the stroke option from the drop
down menu in your Effects palette. If you have Elements 6 or lower, I'm sorry but you probably don't have the option to do a stroke.

Try lots of stuff, bevel, emboss, inner shadow, lol .... It's FUN


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