Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crash n Burn lol

Oh my sweet friends... for the third (sinister laugh) the site has crashed.  What in the blazes!?!
Good news... I'm getting pretty good at starting from scratch. lol  I would say that I have a personal prayer request, but you know, it's not that personal as I love all of you and it encompasses all of you.  So... keep checking back and see the progress.  It's fun too to see the website go into maintenance mode and then out and see the changes. I'm keeping my head high and am getting a bit dizzy. lol
Hey! Do you guys want a new cutie?  Click the pix and right click and save to your computer as whatever you want. It is a vintage open market pix. Goes with the little lamby that I gave you a bit back.

Love you guys!


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