Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free Valentine "Your Love" full kit at Dezines2Amaze

Goodness!  I have had the worst time with January 2014.  I am extremely sorry.  I vowed to post more often and to give more of my 'STUFF' for free, etc. and I immediately ceased to exist.
Likewise I wanted to explain the banner on the front page of the site:

We are at a crossroads with the hosting of the site.  Great news, we have had our first year come to a close at D2A and now we are in negotiations for a more affordable hosting plan.  If that means that we leave our current host, we will, but I have contacted them to fire away with a newer, better plan.  I do have other ideas. but it would involve changing hosts and that may put the site down for a day or two.  Iv'e never done this before so it is all new to me.  <----- NEWBIE !   So, please bear with and it will all work out fine. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Now, the hugs and kisses remind me that we are in February of 2014 already and I have skimmed over the sales, the freebies, the hugs and the kisses.  Because I have been so neglectful I came up with a peace offering. lol  Please enjoy for free, any time in the month of February my very favorite Mega Kit:
Its called Your Love and it is free to download from your and my favorite store Dezines2Amaze! 
click directly on the store name and it will bring you to our store.  I listed Your Love as a featured product so you should be able to find it on the front page of the site.  I do love you guys and I am sorry, once again for being MIA.  Iv'e got blog train kits to share and new fun freebies, so stay tuned.


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